Why do we need Agile Methodologies?

by: Mamta Joshi

If you’ve been in the software development industry for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of agile.

But what is it, exactly?

Agile is a term used to describe a variety of different methodologies that emphasize quick and continuous improvement. In other words, with agile, you can expect to see small and frequent releases, with clients able to give feedback that can be implemented in the next release.

Why do we need agile?

There are many reasons! Implementation of agile helps improve project control, reduces surprises, leads to better customer satisfaction, and delivers products with less technical debt. Additionally, agile helps teams quickly adapt to changes in requirements without negatively impacting release dates.

How did Testing mavens adopt this practice?

Our Dedicated Technology team provides agile testing services successfully where we enforce the customer journeys within shorter iterations of two to three weeks of Sprint incorporating the concept of Continuous Delivery in new ways of working! This outstanding software testing service helped us to get valuable feedback from our customers very quickly and benefited in making the relevant changes as per customer expectation in the next immediate release.

From the testing standpoint, we also incorporated the innovative practices about automated Unit testing / System testing / non-Functional testing apart from Sanity and regression testing which got triggered at end of the day and the next day we have a list of test status (Pass/ Fail with defects) to start the day with. Thus, we remained productive during work hours and during off-work hours apart from the cost savings of doing the entire process manually.

We utilize a wide variety of Automation frameworks like TestNG, JavaSelenium, etc which helps us to choose the right framework for the right project to accomplish our mission. Also, we provide UI & Service layer automated validation (DB &API) using our prefabricated platform/device-independent frameworks which utilize the power of Selenium, Appium, TestNg, RestAssured, WebDriveIO, Protracter, etc. Our automation suites are CI/CD ready so that it assists you in faster and more frequent deliveries.

Our upper hand in performance testing and related tools (JMeter, Blazemeter, RedLine13) ensures that customers have a lightning-fast experience while enjoying any product.

We believe in providing the best services of testing, evolving our skillsets continuously, and strive new strategies to bring out a better world of Happy and Healthy Customers 😊.

Pretty impressive, huh? Want to learn more? Check out our website!

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